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Clare Beaton


The book Elsie and I are loving this week is called ‘I dreamt I was a dinosaur’ by Stella Blackstone and illustrated by Clare Beaton…

Each page is so cute!

Clare uses felt and a collection of vintage buttons, sequins and ribbons to create her lovely hand stitched designs.

Also Elsie enjoys finding the snail hidden on each page!

Gorgeous 🙂

For more info check out Clare’s website here.


‘Snazzy Dress’


The snazzy dress from creative sister No.2 has arrived!!!

(…well it actually arrived about 2 days after I mentioned Aunty Roo had started knitting it -what with her super quick speed – it’s just taken me a while to get round to photographing it!)

It’s very very gorgeous and has had lots of compliments already…

The design is from a lovely blog called ‘Little Nutmeg Productions‘ and the dress is called ‘Dalilah’, pattern available on Ravelry 🙂

William Morris


As promised here are my favourite William Morris print photos taken on our recent trip to Red House…

‘Thistle’ – one of Morris’ most popular wallpapers, a single colour design.

‘Indian’ – a reproduction of a early paper from 1868- 1870


 ‘Red House’ – inspired by one of the painted ceilings at Morris’ house (unfortunately didn’t see the ceiling…)

Here is a block print used to create the designs…

Sunflower – the wallpaper in Red House’s dining room…

Marigold – wallpaper on display in one of the upstairs rooms…

And I’m pretty sure this rug is not William Morris but i liked it anyway!

Red House


Yesterday we were in Bexleyheath, and went knocking at Red House, the home of pattern designer William Morris.  He sadly wasn’t in! But we made do with the friendly tour guide…

Morris commissioned and built the house in the 1850’s, but only lived there until 1865 when he left to set up his business, ‘Morris & Company,’ in central London.

The building, quite obviously, gets its name from the red brick, and the design was strongly influenced by French Chateaus and Kentish Oast houses…

Inside the house are many of the original features that were designed by both William Morris and his friend Philip Webb, including these cute stained glass windows…


The ceiling designs were particularly impressive, with very bold colours and pattern…

Restoration of the original interior decoration is still taking place but it is exciting to think what all the rooms are hiding behind their panels…

Throughout the house were many example of Morris’s designs which I shall share with you in a separate post – there are quite a few!  For now, here is one – ‘Apple’ which is the wallpaper in the hallway…

 If you are a William Morris fan I would definitely recommend a visit! 🙂

Creative sister No.1


Ever since starting my blog I’ve been meaning to share with you the amazing mobile my eldest sister, Laura, made for Elsie.  I look at it each morning and evening as it hangs above Elsie’s cot and marvel at its beauty and the skill that has gone in to making it.

Elsie loves it just as much as me.

I love all the fabrics Laura choose…

Just gorgeous!

Thanks Aunty Laura, you are amazing!