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Strawberry Jam


So we made so very yummy Jam with some of the strawberries we got at the weekend, using the simplest recipe ever ever.  Here it is…

(If you don’t have a thermometer, you can do the ‘wrinkle test’.  Spoon a bit of mix on to a cold plate, allow to cool and push your finger through it.  Jam is done when skin has just about set, wrinkles up, and if the two halves of the jam either side of your finger mark remains separate).


A very berry weekend…


This weekend we went ‘P.Y.O-ing’ and headed straight to Elsie’s favourite fruit – the strawberry patch!

We were expecting slim pickings as the farm’s website said bad weather had resulted in a slow crop, but there were loads everywhere!

Our basket full we headed off to get some gooseberries and blackcurrants…


After having such a nice time picking the fruit I then had a sudden panic moment when just about to pay – thinking we’d got a bit too carried away and totally had no idea how much it was going to cost!  But breathed a sigh of relief when we got all these (plus the ones in Elsie’s tummy… ok and mine) for £8, cheaper than the supermarket and much much more fun!

Now what to make with it all, mmmmmm decisions, decisions…

To find your nearest fruit farm check out this website!

Borough Market


We spent this morning strolling around the best food market ever – Borough Market at London Bridge.  We are lucky enough to live very close so we often go and see how many yummy free samples we can get our hands on… and occasionally we buy something too!

Today we came home with some tasty bread and some even tastier mushroom pate 🙂

If I had had it my way we would have also have come away with one of these yummy cakes!

And Tom would definitely have had one of the melted cheese meals!

We were pleased to hear that the market will be open every day during the olympics, a very good idea as I’m sure it will be a very popular place to visit!

Yum yum yum.

Hello Yellow Calais


Whilst it seems all of my friends have recently been jet setting off to far flung places – Cuba, Egypt, Rome… we decided to keep it real and go for a more low key (affordable/minimal stress with toddler) mini break – camping in Calais, oh yeah!

And it was sunny! It was the perfect place for a quick weekend getaway with a toddler who hates being in the car for too long – nearby but also far enough to feel we had a proper get away, with the added excitement of getting a ferry!

 Plus it was France, and France means food! We had to squeeze in all the yummy french food whilst there…

We stayed on a great campsite in Licques (called Pommiers des Trois Pays) complete with a warm outdoor swimming pool and a brilliant baby bath!  Situated in the middle of the national park, we went on a lovely bike ride (although uphill with an Elsie on the back was not so lovely) and explored the nearby villages and towns.  St Omer was the nearest big town with an impressive cathedral and some cute shops…

Loved the stained glass windows

 Our final day was spent touring the coast, stopping at Boulogne-Sur-Mer to visit the brilliant aquarium – complete with giant tortoises and penguins!

And then it was back on board the ‘big big boat’ (phew just made it!) to take us back to a very wet and rainy England, but feeling very refreshed indeed.