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‘Snazzy Dress’


The snazzy dress from creative sister No.2 has arrived!!!

(…well it actually arrived about 2 days after I mentioned Aunty Roo had started knitting it -what with her super quick speed – it’s just taken me a while to get round to photographing it!)

It’s very very gorgeous and has had lots of compliments already…

The design is from a lovely blog called ‘Little Nutmeg Productions‘ and the dress is called ‘Dalilah’, pattern available on Ravelry 🙂


Creative sister No.2


My second eldest sister, Ruth, has caught the knitting bug.  She’s had it for a little while now, but recently it’s become clear exactly how serious it is!

Having been given 4 beautifully hand knitted items for Elsie in the last few months (and I hear rumours of a ‘snazzy’ dress in the pipeline), plus making numerous other garments for friends, she just doesn’t seem to stop!  I’m not complaining though, keep them coming Aunty Roo, they are fantastic!

First it was this lovely blue and coral top that Elsie loves…

Then it was this really pretty cardie…

I think these trousers are my favourite, they look so lovely on Elsie and the different knitted textures are brill…

They are all so soft and very thoughtfully made with machine washable wool (phew – hand wash, what’s that?!)

And last but not least these funky shorts, just in time for the hot weather!

Thanks Aunty Roo!!